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Book Review: Boy Meets Girl (Boy #2) - Meg Cabot

Boy Meets Girl (Boy #2) - Meg Cabot
Release Date: January 6th, 2004
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Young Adult
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My rating:  3 out of 5 stars  Meet Kate MacKenzie...idealistic office worker, reluctant deliverer of termination notices and queen of instant messaging. As sweet as sugar.

Meet Mitch Hertzog...ever-smiling corporate lawyer, defender of the downtrodden and king of aborted dinner dates. Good enough to eat.

Meet Ida Lopez...cake, cookie and pastry-maker extraordinaire, purveyor of the dessert trolley and goddess of all things mouth-wateringly yummy. As nice as pie.

Together they must battle tyrants and despots to find truth, justice and the perfect double fudge pudding.

My Review:  

This was probably my favorite book of the three.  I loved Kate MacKenzie.  I found her character adorable, and she was genuinely concerned about her co-workers at the New York Journal.  It was an almost "fight the man" relationship between her and her boss, so seeing that struggle was kind of intriguing to me, somehow.  It's nice to know that bosses aren't always right.  Hah.  I also loved how we were able to get glimpses of past characters, Mel especially, in this book and in book #3.  I always love hearing about what these characters are up to after I've finished their book.  This book includes more than just e-mails, which kind of helps break it up.  Now you have journal pages and IMs too.

Kate MacKenzie is an HR rep for the New York Journal.  Part of her responsibility is to fire one of the most beloved employees, Ida Lopez.  She's loved because of her insane baking abilities, and the sweet treats she bakes for all of the employees.  (Side note:  if you've read this book, did any of you attempt any of Ida's recipes?  Are they good?)  Either way, conflict begins, and Kate is caught in the middle of it.

Another cute, sweet, fun read in my eyes.  I'd definitely recommend this series to someone who just wanted a light hearted read.  

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  1. These books are so cute! My favorite from the series is definitely Every Boy's Got One, though.