Friday, June 21, 2013

Feature & Follow (1)

Hey!  Look!  It’s another FRIDAY meme!  It’s Friday, so I think that Friday deserves TWO of them.  What do you say readers?! 

Feature & Follow is a great networking tool hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read that encourages bloggers to link up and follow new bloggers each week.  If you don't follow these blogs already - check them out!  Of course, Feature & Follow will also post a fun question to be answered. 

This week  Feature & Follow wants to know… what is your favorite literary quote? 

It’s pretty well established that we all love books.  I mean, if we didn't we wouldn't be book bloggers, right?!  As I’m reading books, I often write down quotes as I read them.  Sometimes, it’s to contemplate at a later time when I’m not engrossed in a book, but often times, it is just because somehow and someway those lines spoke to me. 
So it goes without saying that I have more than one favorite.  

What is your favorite book quote?


  1. Love the Harry Potter quote!

  2. The Harry Potter quote is one of my favourites too!