About Me

Hello everyone!  

I'm Christina.  ::waves::  I'm a 30 year old *gasp* book blogger from the great state of Texas.  It's hot here, and we tend to have three seasons instead of four.  Hot, hotter, and December - January.  But all of my family is here, so I'm here too, for now.

I am an accountant by day.  It's almost comical to see how my nerdy, book lovin' self compares with accountant on various "personality" scales, but somehow it works.  I could be a self proclaimed life time student as many years as I've been in college.  I currently hold an Associates, Bachelors, MBA, and am finishing up a second Masters in Accounting.  Nerd alert!  Hopefully, by the end of 2014, I'll be able to add CPA to that list as well.  

I swear, I should have been a book editor or something.  It would have been a much cooler career.

Things I Love: 

(in no particular order)

The most amazing man in the WORLD!
My parents and brother, Matt!
My puppy girl, Chloe!
My bestie, Carie!
The color pink
Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes (yum!)
BOOKS (of course!)
My MB C250 (she's beautiful)
CAKE!  Well, anything sweet for that matter...
Inspiring Quotes
Sewing, painting, and just generally CREATING
BAKING!  (It goes along with my sweet treat love!)

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